How to remove/edit an ad


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Here are the steps to have your ad removed:
  1. Log in
  2. Go to your classified item
  3. Click the Report button; this will open up a new box
  4. For the reason, just type Sold
  5. Click Report Post
That's it!

Also, threads that have not been replied to within 30 days may be removed by the server. If your item has not sold after 30 days and you still wish to list it, do NOT email an administrator. You may post a new ad and you may want to reconsider your asking price!

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You can now edit the ad by clicking the small edit button near the bottom of the post. The Classified sections of this site should all have unlimited edit times.
I must be missing something, I wanted to edit a Classified I just posted (add a picture) clicking on the "report" button doesn't seem to offer edit as an option?


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These instructions are somewhat outdated on the first post. You can modify your listing by clicking the edit button at the bottom of the post next to your username and date. Let me know if you are not getting that edit option.