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How to reinstall the traveler cleat?


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The clam cleat that holds the traveler got torn out and its two screw holes are stripped. I still have the original screws. What's the best way to reinstall the cleat? Just fill the old holes with epoxy and screw it in again with the old screws, or should I do something more substantial, like maybe reposition the cleat and drill fresh holes? Also, how do I fill the holes with epoxy since I can't block off of the back of the hole? Thanks. Walrus13


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Reinstalling the traveler jam cleat. :rolleyes:

I'd drill new holes next to the old ones.
If you happen to have an inspection port on the aft deck (sounds like you don't), then use the old holes and bolt the cleat.
I believe most epoxy/gelcoat fillers are thick and fast-curing enough that you don't need to close the holes from the other side.

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Thanks LaLi. By the way, you're right. I don't have an aft-deck inspection port, so it's good to hear that I don't need to put a backing on the other side of the hull. Setting that aside though, someone recommended that I use a toggle bolt to make the installation secure, but I haven't seen that recommended for this situation anywhere on Youtube. Do you or does anyone else reading this threat know about using toggle bolts for this? Thanks again. Walrus13
Toggle bolts would leave you with unnecessarily large holes that would also need a lot of sealant, but would almost certainly result in a potential leak area.

Option 1: use a thick epoxy (west system with colloidal silica mixed in or something like west system six-10 would work) and add chopped up bits of fiberglass to fill the holes. Redrill in same spot and the cleat is new.

Option 2: do the above and plug the holes and drill new holes next to the old ones.

I personally would try filling the old holes and reusing them first, but that is just me. Best of luck!