How to read Hull Numbers?

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I have a J-24 I bought a few years ago and the Vessel Hull Number on the title is CFZ461524V. It list 2008 as the year built, however I was told it was actually 1982. How can I determine who built it and when?
HI DallasDB,
From the sound of it you may have confused your registration number with the Hull number. For almost all J/24s look on the starboard upper corner of your transom for the boats "Hull Number." Some boats may have the hull/serial number on the aft face of your forward bulkhead. Check registration paperwork again for the boats "serial number."

If it begins with " TSP" then it was built by Tilotson-Pearson. The next number should be a "4" for J/24 then the hull number or sail number. The last three/four numbers should be the month and year your boat was built.

As an example, a boats Hull number is "TSP45020593"
This means it was built by Tillotson-Pearson, is a J/24, sail number/hull number 5020 and was built in May of 1993.

Once you find your hull number contact the USJCA office given on this web site and give your hull number to Executive Director Chris Howell. If your boat has been measured in the past, Chris can help you find your most recent measurement certificate.
Good luck and belated welcome to the J/24 Class!!