how to [not] get noticed

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i abit puzzled about what i should do, i feel (and been told) i one the best sailers in my area for keelboats

but i dont know what i should do RYA only do one training event which you must attend befor they will think about you to join there squad and even that its at the other side of scotland =(

what should i do?

people i race with have wan some big events like scotish series should i get them to put in an refferal about me?

or just waste another yr to find rya wont come any nearer to help people where i live out?

also the RYA training courses u have to pay for to try get scouted and its the only way i can get seen because we dont have time to go to scotish or keep there boat in clyde, but where i at we beating boat that should be 3-4mins infront of us by 5mins


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Re: how to get noticed

If have to pay to play. If you want to move up you have to make it happen for yourself. No one will do it for you. Good luck.

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Re: how to get noticed

Well you're only having fun until you loose and eye. Then you're only having half as much fun. OK. I've stopped.

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Well if it's true then it's true. If it's not true it boarders on slander. Which that should not be such a worry as I think internet posts are still protected from that, but legislation is out there to change that. BTW, I have not had a drop all week.

It all depends on the "tone" of the message. Things in "good fun" are one thing, but "nasty" is another. Based on her previous, (what I think may be a jab) post I'm detecting some "nasty" here....Which would be out of character for her. I feel she may have a bone to pick.

I'm all for picking bones and being upfront. I thought the Guv and I were on our way to another "silly" thread, but it has had a sudden change in direction which was not initiated by me...
C'mon. When have you ever been wrong??

I don't believe in your fallibility.

Maybe thge rest of us are screw ups but what makes you think you are a member of our club?

And..Thinking you may have screwed up once or twice doesn't count as screrwing up.

I repeat.

You have no experience at screwing up!!!

Sheesh. Next post will be from Merrileeee'

"Don't be so hard on him fred. He will make a mistake some day."

save it for those who are sucker enough to believe it.