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How to find used Laser and Sunfish in my area - Southwest

Charles Wallace

New Member
I've posted in your wanted sections on Lasers and Sunfishes. And looked at the listings. Almost all are in the north or east, and I live in the SW. Do you have hints or links where I might have luck looking. Strategies for finding what I want in my area? I'm presently at Elephant Butte Lake in New Mexico.
I've thought of just stopping by all the boat repair shops and storage areas and leaving my info. Also I'm posting with a local sailing club. Any thoughts on how to track down the boats I'm looking for in my general area?


Upside down?
Staff member
1. Major Laser regatta ongoing in Corpus Christie. See the Laser News section for details. Someone may want to get rid of a boat directly or via a dealer.
2. New Mexico is in Laser District 23 and the rep is Geoff Hurwitch. You might contact him. You can send me a PM for his E-mail address.