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How to fasten the mast bottom cap with the two steel fasteners...


They are just two small little metal rods. Do I just insert the bottom cap into the mast, then drill a small hole for those two fasteners, hammer them in? Do I need to weld them on the outside? Otherwise they will just come out no?



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No welding required. My oldest (and used) cap requires the pins for security. Two newer caps intended for my new mast didn't come with pins.

Drilling a new mast to match up the pins will be a challenge to match up the holes. :confused: Note to self: drill new holes, and ignore the factory holes. Use the usually-discarded mandrels from pop-rivets as your new pins: 5/16ths-inch rivet, I recall.

Perhaps the heat from strong sunlight can force the caps out using internal air pressure, IDK. (And, afterwards, pull water from the step inside the mast at night--again--IDK). :rolleyes:


Mine was a very tight fit. I used an random orbital sander to bevel off the outer part of the cap. I then got it in with a rubber mallet. I'll keep watch on it but I may be good with that. But if I do use the pins I just drill holes and hammer them in? They don't fall all the way in or fall out? Obviously I drill the holes slightly smaller than the diameter of the pins.



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As others have written, for your scenario there's no need for the pins. I recommend using silicone as a sealant.