How to clean an old hull?


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We recently purchased an older, very dirty laser. I have been told to use a scoop of oxi-clean in a gallon of water to scrub the deck and sail. What can I use to clean up the extremely oxidized hull to brighten it up and not damage the finish? My son is very concerned about using any products on it as he has been told it will "slow it down" and he wants to race it.

Thanks! Any other recs for cleaning products welcome...


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You can clean up and polish the gel coated fiberglass hull according to the class rules.

Here’s a video by BoatUS Video on Cleaning up Fiberglass Gelcoats:

Here are the class rules on what your limitations are for the hull finish.

(a) Waxing, polishing and fine wet and dry sanding of the hull is permitted, provided the intention and effect is to polish the hull only. Polishing/sanding shall not be used to remove mould imperfections.
(b) Sanding and refinishing of the hull with the intention or effect to lighten the hull or improve the performance, finish, materials or shape beyond the original is not permitted.”


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The best way to clean the hull of the vessel is by constantly maintaining a regular upkeep practices.. By regular scrubbing to remove any dirt off the hull using plain water, without the use of any cleaning chemicals, right after and every time the boat is used..


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Good to know. This boat has been stored for at least 10-15 years and I am trying to resurrect it for my son. I want to make it pretty again! It is very oxidized.

I would go for some light buffing compound without a lot of abrasives in it, then use something like McLube Hullkote as a "racing finish" and see where that leaves you. I would not sand the hull or do anything else until you see if you can bring the shine back or not. If your son is worried about racing it, as long as you do not use a car wax it all should be fine for racing.


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There are a few ways to clean an old hull. One is to sand it down and then repaint it. Another is to pressure wash it.


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Thought this was a basket case. Water and soft cloth was all I needed.

If the skin is truly sun damaged (short of new finish), polish.

Get a buffer and cutting compounds from a goo automotive paint supplier.


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