How many laser sailors

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Does anyone know how many laser sailors there are in the world, or does anyone know of any laser population distribution by countries?
Murphs said: they publish these things?
In the Laserhandbook (2004) that every ILCA-member get, there is a map of the golbe in which is shown, how many Lasers are in each country.
I believe, but unfortunately this numbers include also Lasers, that are already defect and also Lasers that are sold to sailingclubs or -schools. Can we say that 30 % of this numbers in that map are Lasersailors?


LooserLu said:
Can we say that 30 % of this numbers in that map are Lasersailors?
How do you define Laser sailor? Does a Laser sailor race? I'm new enough at this that I haven't raced yet. I'm taking that course next summer. (Ah summer, :p )

Does a Laser sailor just own the boat? There are half a dozen people at my club who own Lasers and barely sail them anymore, maybe a couple of times a year. They've gotten involved in two-handed classes.

Hi again,
I´m not sure, but I think Ari meant the full Laserpopulation: Racers (1+more regattas a year) + Recreationals (no races).
Racers could be found out with taking a lot of time (in the winter) and visit all ranking-lists of the Laser in all countries, where they are to get, and count them togehter. To get the full number is difficult, I think. I´m going from that point, to add to the racers that Laserites that have an own Laser. But how many Laserhulls are allready on the ground of a lake /digged from the over 180000? How many of rest of the old boats are really sailed until in our days and do not lie in somewheres barn and wait for an interested Laser-newbie? I have no idea and I could imagine, neither the classofficers and out-of-the-box-boatbuilders.
My number came form a thought drLaser did some longer time ago. In a discussion here at TLF (or at the ILCA-NA-email-list) he told, that there are about 3000 active Laserites in NA. I just imagined (not proved) that about every one that is registrated, there probably will be another one that is not, plus a (bit less) another ones that are club-/sailingschoollaserites. So I thought maybe > 8000 Laserites in NA. If I remember right in that map, there are 25000 Lasers in NA. Maybe 30% Laserites (Racers+Recreationals) is to much and 15 % is more right (drLasers number ~3000/4000, but for all together). Really, a difficult question Ari asked, sorry.
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Hi there,
The question come to my mind after observing so many sailing clubs everywhere, plus the statement in several magazines and books that the Laser is the most widely sailed dinghy class in the world. I think I was referring to racing sailors, who are registered to at least a local recognised association.
LooserLu said:
... If I remember right in that map, there are 25000 Lasers in NA...
Hi again
S o r r y! But I have to say, that I not remembered correct.
I found at least my 2004 Laser-Handbook and that map inside there says: a Laserpopulation of over 68000 boats...- only for NA! I´m really impressed.
So, my calcuations with that numbers are complete wrong, I guess.

But with doing some nice long statistics, the number of Laserracers could be counted with taking the ranking-lists of all 3 boat-types from each of the 126-Laser-countries. The www-addresses from them are to find at ILCA-webside...


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Just adding to what CAN172033 said, in the Racing Classes 2004-2005 published by yachts and yachting in november 2004 (The UK's top prefromance sailing magazine)Yachts & Yachting

they said the latest sail number for lasers was 181070.

just thought i'd let you know cos its like 1 in the morning here in the UK and i'm really bored, oh well
Well fellow Laserites,
I purchased number 181157 just before Thanksgiving.... But you have got to realize that a bunch of these boats have been retired to the bottom of the lake or the bone yard.... I think that Dr. Laser number (3000) might be pretty close to the active number of racers in the ICLA-NA. Just take a look at the Grand prix standing numbers on the Laser web site... Broken down into Full rig and Radial for this year there is 488 on the Full rig and 257 on the Radial, totals out to 745 Laser's that sailed in at least one Grand Prix event... I don't know about this year but last year there was some duplications on sailors that sailed in both the full rig and radial rig during the year, I didn't seen any duplications in the 2004 standings after first glance.
So can you safely mutiply this number by say 4? To get the total number of semi-active racers from recreational status sailors to club racer sailor to rock & roll stars (2980) in North America? Who knows.... The active membership list of ILCA-NA should give you an fairly decent number also.
What ever it is for the number of boats sold verse's the number sailing actively is a big damn gap. Looser Lou stated in his earlier post about 68000 boats sold in N.A to date... not sure what year but 10% of that is 6800... still a heck of a lot higher the 2980.... So is 5% a good number for actively racing Laser sailors verse's boats sold.
I think so....
Any other sailors from the across the pond (England) or down under (Australia) like to enlighten us with what you've noticed in your countries?
Lou do you want to comment on the European side. Heck it should be obvious to all that we need more participation.... That's my .02 cents worth.
I've noticed that over here a lot of lasers seem to be owned by sailing clubs, private schools and sailing schools - and often these ones are left unused for much of the time.

When you're asking this question, however, are you asking how many single handed lasers are there worldwide, or how many of all types of lasers?? (I just have an interest seeing as I own a Laser 2 and have never sailed any other type of laser).