How long to rig a Capri 14.2?

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I've got a Expo 12 right now, but I'd like a bit more room. I'm spoiled with the ease of rigging the expo. About how long does it take the rig the capri from sitting on the trailer to in the water? Is the mast easy to step with one person?
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Rigging time depends on how much rigging I have to do. When I am sailing multiple times per week rigging goes pretty fast - three to four minutes to raise the mast and another 5 to 10 minutes to attach the sails. A lot has to do with how many times I stop to visit the adult beverage cooler... If I am going to sail the next day or so I leave everything rigged, remove the sails and lower the mast. There are times when I use the topping lift to hoist the boom up parallel to the mast and then lower the mast with the boom and main attached (junk/practice sails only!!!). If you are going to trailer the boat more than a few yards I recommend you go through the whole process of stripping the mast of sails and and boom.

If all of the rigging is stowed for travel or storage of the boat then the rigging time will obviously increase to the times mentioned above.

The mast is easy to raise because the base is locked in place and the shrouds help hold the mast straight up. Once the mast is upright grab the forestay a attach it to the bow fitting and like magic, the mast is up - single hand. Just be sure the attachment hardware for the forestay is open and ready to quickly attach to the bow. I always try to point the bow down wind when raising the mast and bow to the wind when installing the sales - this seems to make the job a bit easier. A strong wind from the bow or either side will make the mast just a little trickier to raise.

Good luck! I love the little boat as it provides everything needed to teach kids as well as adults how to sail a sloop.