How fast can a Sunfish complete a 1 mile...


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lap in a 10 kt. breeze? My local racing assocation is making some changes, and that is one of their questions. Does anyone have any concrete data? I would say about 15 minutes would be a good guess, but any info would be appreciated.

Since I did a lot of handicapping on boats several years ago I can safely say there's way to many variables. The shape of the course is a major one. Windward/leaward will have quite a bit slower time than say a short beat with 2 long reaches. Wave action wil also have a large effect. Beats into waves will definitely slow down a fish and off the wind good sailers that can use the waves to plane or surf can double the fish's speed.
If you have times on any type of boat for the course, you can interpilate the results using the Portsmouth handicaps at the US sailing site.
These give the relative time ratings for most all small sailboats.

EX: if say a Flying Scot does the course in 12 minutes with it's 10 knot handicap of 91.3 a sunfish with it's handicap of 100.3 would take 100.3/91.3 X 12 or 13.2 minutes.
Providing the boats are sailed by the same skilled sailors.