How do you tie your jibsheet?


1992 Capri 14.2 Mod 2
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I an curious how everyone ties the jibsheets to the jib clew. I currently an using two knots on either side but they keep getting hungup on the shrouds.
I had to replace my jib sheets and the originals setup was very simple. Basically is was a single line 32 feet long folded in half. The middle was pushed through the eyelet and then each end was pulled into the loop created by the rope. You pull it tight and this creates a smooth attachment

so, that is the knot I used on FJ's in college, but my omega jib has an unusually small grommet so I cant fit two widths of sheet through... I have been having the same issue as the OP
great way of attaching sheets, but anybody have an idea if they cant fit the sheet through the grommet when its doubled over?
...that's why I mentioned downsizing my jib sheet to 1/4" -- I use a Snipe jib which also has a very small clew grommet.

The only other idea I've seen is to use a snap shackle that you could luggage tag your sheet into: (but it sure hurts if it whacks you in the head!)
Cow hitch is easiest... Also keep in mind Catalina liked to use 1 size fits all on most of their boat. The 3/8" line they used for jib sheets is crazy overkill (they used it on boats up to 27 feet!). Probably drop down to 3/16" or 1/4" line. Sta-set is fine if you aren't racing (try ebay). I'll offer another knot that works well, a standard bowline. I tie 1 bowline in mine (on any of my boats), with the tag end being the starboard side and the other long lead being port side. Divide the sheet in half, and tie the bowline there. Ignore how long the tag line is, it's just another alternative, the advantage of it over the cow hitch is that it is still very easy to untie.

Stay away from shackles if you can. Now I don't pay attention to my own advice, as I have a light shackle on my bowline now, but it makes headsail changes quicker.
I'm a bit nuts and used an Apline Butterfly Knot. Cows Hitch can move on you and a Bowline CAN come undone.

That said, the Cows Hitch is the least bulky and will not catch on the shrouds like the others (including mine)
If your clew grommet is too small for a Cows Hitch you might try just feeding the sheet through the grommet and tying a square or granny knot on each side and tight to the grommet.
Well from my experience I have always used two bowline knots with tails down. The main reason is for safety. Sinch knots can become so tight they can’t easily be undone.