How Do You Share a Track With Other Sailors?

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Hi Shamusunset, Thanks for the replies! You seem to know a lot about Navionics. I heard they released an updated version of the Navionics app. Can you tell me what updated?
I did update mine. It has a few changes that make the operation a bit easier. I have made a few more routes and added waypoints. starting tracks is simple. Some of the page layouts are nice with you top speed and you can look at the track and see speed and heading. they has been good for our sail team debriefing after the race.
Navionics now accepts multiple formats of sonar logs as contributions to SonarCharts™. This includes Humminbird (DAT and GPX on all models, ION and Onix compatible within summer), Lowrance (GPX), Raymarine (SDF, GPX, NMEA), Simrad (GPX), and Garmin (ADM).”
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That's awesome! I found some of the following resources to help with sonar and tracking.
Learn more about SonarCharts™ here, and find tutorials on how to record sonar logs at Once sonar logs are saved on a card, it can be plugged into a computer and sonar logs are transferred to Navionics through the internet to generate new SonarCharts™ in about one week. Raymarine Wi-Fi plotters can also upload directly through the Plotter Sync feature embedded in Navionics mobile apps for iPhone and iPad.
off the coast of kennebunk maine we use the sonar charts to help get past some of the shallow parts. the tide and current feature came in very handy going into Portland Maine