How Do You Remove Tell Tale Sticker Adhesive?


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I've got a new white Intensity Sunfish sail. It came with yarn tell tales that are held on to the dacron with your standard small circles of sail repair type tape.

I want to remove these tell tales and the tape and place my own tell tales where I want them. So here's my question. What should I use to remove the remnants of this sail repair tape adhesive? Something that will do the job but not adversely affect the dacron long term.

If I don't do anything, I'll eventually have the classic light grey circles in those areas from dust, etc, adhering to where the left over adhesive is.


- Andy
Another low-tech approach: Try a little rat gasoline then rinse with water. Work one small area at a time. Goo Gone (like lighter fluid) also works. Wear gloves and work outside if at all possible to avoid the fumes.

Alan Glis

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Alan can't even speel his last name correct so I think he's been workin inside much too.

Don't stand too close to the sail when you light the lighter fluid....

(That's a joke, don't do that...)


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Sometimes it's best not to do anything. You can use a Benzene based solvent
however polyester tends to weaken under such solvents. I'd enjoy the new sail
as is. If you get grey circles in the future you could always put the patches back
on. Ha, if you look at a real working sailboat that sees heavy weather, you'll not
find shiny new sails. Those only belong to party boats that stay at the dock, which
having once worked at a marina is in my opinion 90% of the boats tied up.


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More seriously, could you (Andy), in due time, report where you are putting your tell tales? This has always been a point of contention, especially among the racing folks. Some have even stated that tell tales are of little use for racing Sunfish.