How do you make a tiller extension from scratch?


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I am interested in constructing my own extension for my C14. Also, currently I need to replace the Tiller on the rudder. Does anyone know any suggestions for creating their own Tiller and Tiller extension?
Tiller extension

I have never replaced the tiller, but if you do so, I would suggest that you use a softer wood such as the original teak wood or a very soft ash as these are flexible and rather light weight. As for the tiller extension, I have see fellows make a nice tiller extension by using an old graphite handle from a golf club on a small universal joint. However, I will tell you that for a mere $35.00 and change, you can buy a perfectly designed tiller extension from Ronstan that fits right on the nice teak wood tiller that you can buy from Catalina Yachts. The Ronstan tiller has a special telescoping handle that zips in and out so easily. When I am single handling my boat and I am way up forward putting the whisker pole out on the jib clew, I can easily hold the tiller in my hand with the extension fully out. When I slide back into normal position, I slide the handle back to normal length. It is so simple and nice. I just do not think that you can get any better than this tiller extension by Ronstan and it is well worth the money. Goodness, my time is worth every bit of $35.00 an hour and I would have to spend three hours, as least, trying to fashion a less satisfactory tiller extension handle. Ronstan has a web page and you can order it over the internet and it could be in your hands in 10 days.

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Brian C. Anderson
San Diego, CA