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How do you get rid of scuff marks?


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Okay, now that I have the boat turned over, I can see that the light blue hull has these white scuff marks all over the bottom. How do I get rid of these? Is there a way to buff them out? I want to wash and wax this hull, so what products do you all use?

I also noticed a slight crack in the gelcoat on the corner of the slot where the dagger board slides out from. I have these random cracks on the deck and inside the cockpit as well.

I'm including some photos. One is a photo of the scuff marks, the other photo is the gelcoat crack.



A marine or car wax would probably take care of the scuff marks, painting is a more expensive but guaranteed to work solution... As for the crack in the gel coat, i wouldn't worry about it unless it's actually leaking. In that case a bondo fiberglass repair kit would be sufficient though.


Those look more like scratches than scuff marks. Assuming this is gel coat, not paint, wet sanding with a series starting with 320 or 400 and going finer until you are satisfied should get them out, or at least to something you can live with.


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Thank you all very much for your replies. Davavd, these do look more like scratches. I don't think this owner took very good care of this boat. I plan on turning that trend around. :)