How do you get involved?

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Hi there- just started sailing about a year ago and this is my first season of racing (I'm in Portsmouth, VA- mostly 30'+ boats). Unfortunately, my two skippers (one from PBC, one from HYC) are unable to continue racing this season. I'm looking into the Lasers as a way to sail and race without being dependent upon anyone else. But I'm having a hard time finding info about the races in the area. I haven't even seen them racing out here- I've seen the FJs, but not Lasers. Anyone know how to get into the circuit? I don't want to spend a lot of money on one of these and then wind up playing on my own in the river- I love racing. Anyone out there have any information? I've been trying to get more involved in racing anything out here and it's been hard- it's like if you didn't grow up in the area, didn't grow up on boats, don't have your own, you're basically in the cold.
Thanks for any advice!