How do I protect an outboard motor in case of a capsize to port?

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I have a new Expo 14.2 that I was able to sail four times before the weather turned nasty. The boat has a factory installed motor mount on the port side. On my second sail, I managed to capsize on the starboard side. I was in a shallow lake and the mast actually got stuck in the muck on the bottom of the lake and I needed help from another boat to right it. As with any sailing adventure, I learned lots of lessons. As I was going through this I became concerned about what would happen to a motor on the motor mount if I had capsized to port. With the mast stuck, the port side was high out of the water. The small electric trolling motor I was using was in no danger. My concern is what would happen to that motor or a new Suzuki 2.5 motor I am thinking of buying if I had capsized to port.

Since the Capri 14.2 has the same hull as the Expo, I am hoping someone may have had the experience of a capsize to port with a motor attached to the motor mount. Did the motor stay out of the water? If in the water, was the motor submerged enough to do major damage.

Any ideas or educated guesses would be a help in trying to decide whether to invest in a new kicker motor.