How do I paint my hull

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I actually rolled it using four inch rollers and a foam brush around the gunnels. I was told that one quart would be way more than enough by someone who uses the V127 &128 to paint their J 24. He said he only goes through one coat on the whole thing when he sprays. Rolling definitely eats up the paint but it looks great! Think I might give it a blue two tone using an Interlux LPU.

Ross B

I'd like to know what she weighs in at

I woulda thought that rolling on would slap on the weight, I woulda gone with spray
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I actually had to pick it up with my roomate today and it actually felt at about weight. I spent alot of time sanding it and probably shaved off some of the weight I added when I painted it. Spraying would have been ideal, but my budget wouldn't allow me to buy an air compressor, and spray gun for the job. I would recommend spraying to anyone else who has access to equipment, but rolling seems to have worked pretty well. No bubbles or drips even. Smooth mulitple rollers work well. Unfortunately they absorb paint so some is wasted.
Congratulations MountainSailor, your laser looks great now!

Did I understand it well that U sand after painting as well? I thought, people only sand the old painting but not the new one. How does this thing work?

I also plan to partly repaint my laser in the summer, but I am totally unexperienced.

Now I have a red laser, and I'd like to paint it white, but only under the waterline. U know the ones that are manufactured in two colours, that's what I'd like to copy so that my laser remains red above a certain line but it will be painted white below that line.

So I'll need a hull that is originally painted in two colours and then I'll have to measure its waterline's distance from the deck in order to be able to draw the waterline of my laser. Then I'll put a sticker to my laser's waterline and paint everthing white above that.

Do You think it works in reality? Has anyone ever tried that?

How many layers do You think I need if I want to properly cover the old red painting with the new white one? When and how much do U think I have to sand?

Fortunately I'll get both a pistol and a compressor, so I'll be able to paint the boat with that... But on the other hand, I will only have an open-air place to paint, so i am a bit afraid it can cause some problems... (mosquitoes, sudden rain etc.)
She looks good, nice job. As to the question about application spray or roll, not much as the thickness of paint is about the same in actual fact you use about 25% more paint by spraying but most of that does not go on the job but is overspray.
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All together the sanding took about 15-20 hours of prep, going from a 40 grit to a 100 grit, then cleaning it with an acetone to remove any grease or build up, but it would be easier on any other laser as mine had a very thick coat of interior house paint to remove and needed a couple spider crack filled and repaired.

I'm picking up a third hull this month to re-finish which needs a major deck cleaning and part of the bow re-built. I just got done with my last coat and one quart of V127-128 Interlux two part epoxy covered the old red gelcoat perfectly. You should be safe with buying just one quart especially if you are going to spray.

A two tone should work great especially if you are spraying. You would only have to cover above the waterline as there is no real need for covering up the two part epoxy. I'm looking into doing the same thing myself using the Interlux LPU as was recommended to me by the Pete at who sailed for North Sails and now Quantum. The only problem might be giving it the black pin stripe that is very small between the red and white but not that noticable, I'm not even sure all of them have it. Let us know how it goes Oh yeah I checked out two boats one that had been sanded and one that had not using the Interlux two part. It was noticeable and the sanded J boat looked much smoother and nicer. If you aren't going to race it might be necessary.

I also painted mine outside in the open air and just had to remove one or two mosquitos and a spider and watched the weather report for the weekend. I'm pretty happy though. But I still need to sand it down again going from a 200 or 300 grit to a 600 then buffing it with Star brite premium Marine Polish with PTEF but I'm sure there are other products out there.