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How do I Install Foam Below Deck?


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I have a Mod 3 Capri 14.2 in fair shape. I am not the first owner and even when I got it about 4 years ago the bottom was a bit soft in the rear starboard side. This year it is noticeably worse and the bottom even sits on the trailer crooked as the soft spot deflect upward where it sits on the trailer bunk rails.

I assume the structure inside has deteriorated. Since the plywood supports aren't accessible the only repair I have read about is to fill the space below deck with foam.

The rest of the boat is in good shape and I want to keep it and continue to sail her. Can anyone provide recommendations on how to access this space and install the foam?


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markfisk I have the same problem with my old Mod1. I am certain the stringers below deck are rotted out, and am considering filling the entire area under the cockpit with closed cell foam rather than replacing all the wood. I have herd mention of this solution but have never seen it described in any detail. So I too would be interested to hear from anybody who has tried this. How did they go about it and how it turned out. Sorry, not much help, I know.