How can you tell if its a laser or laser II

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I have been looking at used Lasers. One being advertised is a Laser, however it has a main and a jib. I thought only the Laser II had two sails. The boat was built in 1988 but the Laser II was discontinued in 1987. I hav teh hull number which is :

serial/HIN ZID0456L889 and t sail number is 52i64

Anyone know?

Thank you


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the Laser II was discontinued in 1987
No it wasn't. Boats were still built in the 2000s, and I understand the final decision to quit came with the founding of LaserPerformance in 2008.
HIN ZID0456L889 and t sail number is 52i64
The serial number makes no sense either for a Laser or a Laser 2, and the sail number doesn't match it in any way. Check them again. Or could you post a link to the original ad?


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It's actually pretty close, both ways. It's something built by Performance Sailcraft Canada in July, 1988. For instance, if the numbers are actually ZID7456L889/5264, it could be Laser 2 number 7456 with a mainsail from a boat built a few years earlier. Anyway, a Laser 2 would explain the jib talk.
Looking for a replacement laser II mast for our 1997-8 laser II. Ours was damaged. Ideas where to find one? We are north of Toronto in Canada. Serial number is SL110238D696.