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How can I get a laser from New England to California?

Does anyone know of an economical way to transport a laser from New England to California? We used to send Etchells across the country on a flat bed train car. I really don’t want to drive across the country, twice.


Cactus Cowboy

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It's a long shot, but if you found some reliable older hand bringing an RV or SUV across country, maybe he'd sling the boat atop the rig and be glad to offset fuel costs. I know they have websites for RVers, might try those if the mods allow it. C/L rideshare column, meh, too many flakes... but paying a private party in an RV or SUV would certainly be cheaper than paying to have the boat shipped by truck or train. If you found someone to do this, that hand could hire some local help if necessary to load the boat atop the rig... just my $.02, but maybe worth a shot. :confused:

Edit: I once answered an ad and drove some dentist's car across country from CA to VA, and that arrangement worked well... after we met in San Diego, he gave me some fuel money and I was on my way. Spent one night in a motel, one night at a brother's house in MO, and delivered the car to the dentist's relatives, who only lived a short distance away from another one of my brothers in VA. So this sort of arrangement can work, you just gotta find the right folks, LOL. ;)
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