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Hope someone at the Intl Masters posts an update

Unfortunately due to some cataract issues I was unable to make the drive to Florida. However, a competitor there sent me something she called a "text message" to what I refer to as my "handheld wireless portable phone." She said that the first two races on Friday were in light wind, and the first race featured a 90 degree shift at some point - based on the scores I assume it was during a weather leg. The seabreeze came in for the third race.

I saw today that they were posting the results of race 5 as people crossed the finish line. I have never seen that done before. I assume the race committee was perhaps sending carrier pigeons to the clubhouse with results or using smoke signals or something, then someone in the club would type the info onto the interwebs. Race 5 ended quite a while ago, and there have been no results posted since, so they may be having wind shortage. I sailed at Davis Island a few years back and I remember the race committee flying code flag N, sending us in for a nap when the wind dropped. The same thing may be happening today.