Hook, strap or line to attach clew to boom?


Upside down?
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Trying to pick up some advice from the pros.

I really like the ability to unhook the clew of the sail as I get close to a dock so that I can drift in and make fast. For me, the (Harken) clew hook has worked well, but it may not be super secure in big wind. I find a clew strap difficult to undo fast as I try to dock. Moreover, the outhaul will still be attached to the clew and the sail won't be 'free' to move around.

Opinions and/or advice appreciated
To answer the title question: strap for racing, Harken hook tied tightly to the boom is recreationally ok. (How would it not be secure in big wind?)

To make the sail free to move around: turn head to wind, untie the sheet from the aft boom block, pull the end through the traveller block, and tie a new knot that stops the sheet at the aft boom block. You then have a 1:1 sheet with which you can sail a short distance to the shore, and the ability to let the whole rig rotate through 360 degrees. The mast retention line should of course be loose/stretchy enough to enable this.

Thanks; I think that I have seen others use this method. Now I just need to incorporate it in my bag of tricks.