Homemade Sunfish Dolly on YouTube

I've looked at yours, tag. It's a very nice design, but I was a little concerned about how it would hold up as a temporary rack on the beach so I went with the wood. I guess it would be fine either way though. Maybe when i get the other 'fish seaworthy I'll try yours and see how they compare!
I would think the PVC would be more durable than the wood. It is strong, rot proof and glue welded (I am assuming) at all the joints. I like the PVC version, but like the wood version as well.
So far, this has worked great getting in and out of the lake, over the rocks. Took each of the kids out sailing this weekend on my '76, and my older two will probably solo this week. Pretty cool. Hope to start patching up the keel on the '79 and get that in the water this summer as well.