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im trying to convince my parents that i need a new racing sail (radial) and when looking at sail prices online, i realized that there are two different sails, w/ different prices. is the holt sail better than the north sail? or am i just paying more b/c its from the UK? if its better, than how does that fit the one-design criteria?
If this is a Radial sail, the difference, if any, will be negligible. Go with the cheaper (North) sail.

If this is for the standard rig, considering a Hyde makes sense depending on the price premium and your sailing level.

In most cases, save the money for something else.
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[quote:867397d1ca="macwas16"]yeah really. north sails is the far more experienced sailmakers so i'd go with them evn if they cost more.[/quote:867397d1ca]

Not sure that makes a difference in the Laser sails either. The class has tight controls on the cloth specs, the patterns are the same no matter who is making the sail, it then comes down to the person sticking the sail together, presumably both Hyde and North are using well trained employees to assemble.


How about just going to
then selecting "Search the Laser E-mail Archive", and entering "Hyde" in the text field and doing a SEARCH?

I bet you can find some really good stuff!

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