Holiday Sailing or Boating Plans?


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Another dreary rainy day today in Savannah left me wishing for the hot sunny days of summer. I really wanted to get on the water today! Usually we have a few 75-80 degree days here around Christmas, but the extended forecast isn't looking very promising. I've actually made a few boat trips on Christmas day in the past. So, Do any of you have any sailing plans over the Christmas holidays? I think it would be fun to spend Christmas sailing through the Caribbean...


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No One??? Well the day after I posted this we had about 6 hours of sunshine and 75 degree weather. I dropped everything I was supposed to do and splashed the boat in the water for a 2 hour cruise with the dog. Great ride- love relieving the stress with a December boat ride.

Happy Holidays and here's to hoping you get some Sunny weather to!
We have an inch of snow on the ground, and below freezing temperatures for most of the day. As much as sailing sounds fun, not in these current conditions. So, sure, keep bragging about your sunshine and 75 degrees... it makes us northern folks feel great! :):)



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Sorry--- Didn't meant to tease you!! We are back to the cold weather here as well. Its about 45 with 20-30mph winds. Not as bad as up north but definitely not sailing weather.
Bradley, if I would be you, I would go to the British Virgin Islands for a small vacation / last minute trip. It's not to far from NA to go. Unfortunately, I havn't enough money to do so. Also, actually I have a hurt (inner-)meniscus and water in the knee (It did happened during I lifted a Laser on the multi Laser road trailer of the club on frostbite sailing day of our youth sailing fleet, 9 days ago) and now have to stay at home. I get an arthroscopy in mid of January :0 Also, just a few days aft the last frostbite sailing, we got "hardwater" (see attachment). Related to the "Crazy Norwegians" or funny Suomis (Laserites from Finland) or to Canadians, it is not cold here. But it is definitely cold enough for a Westfalian... Thanks good we have a good TV program over the Chrismas days, the fridge will be full of good food and enough warm drinks ;)

TLF has several members of "BVI" that sure would help you on a Laser or find a Sunfish for you ;)

Here is the weather of BVI :) :)

Have fun



I'm looking at a foot and a half of snow in my front yard, the lakes are starting to freeze solid, and there are gale warnings in Buzzard's Bay. Looks like the only sailing that I'm going to do is with my Classail Sunfish Model in the bathtub.
Im planning a few days in the pro vela centre on the mar-menor in south spain in feb sometime, try my hand at some foiling moths and a bit of laser sailing. No better way to top up the tan eh :D