Hobie Disaster Barely Averted!

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It was a beautiful day, our maiden ocean voyage on our new-to-us-but-very-old hobie cat. We went off the beach in Delray and sailed a couple of miles north and south, the entire time about 1/2 mile off shore.

The whole trip had gone beautifully and on the way back we decided to tighten the lines and really see what she could do....


Suddenly it felt like we had lost all our wind and then a huge crash! The mast came down narrowly missing us! One of the stays had broken!

It was almost dark and we were over a half mile offshore (and very close to the gulf stream!) now with no paddle (that one was on us) and a broken mast. Thankfully a lifeguard showed up to give us a tow so everyone made it home safely.

Now for fixing the hobie. Does anyone know what stays I should get for a 17' Hobie? There are no markings on them so I'm not sure.