Historic Vessel Vega

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Hi Just thought you might like to see the load of new pictures I just uploaded to our blog site at


Or see the website at www.sailvega.com

We work hard to keep Vega in top condition which is not easy when making our deliveries of educational and medical supplies to isolated island communities. Hope you enjoy seeing her as much as we do sailing her....well most days in any case.
In Europe there used to be a 27' cruiser called a Vega (the class). It stuck in my memory because it was one of the boats I sailed in as a child. When it went into production it was apparently quite a new manufacturing concept as I believe it was the first fibre glass hull to be made using a system where gel and glass were both sprayed into the mould at teh same time (i.e. no glass mats). Glass was fed as a bundle of fibres to the gun where it was chopped and sprayed with the gel. I only remember this because it was difficult getting some aspects of insurance on the boats as, despite being produced by a reputable builder (Albin in Sweden), nobody (insurance company anyway) knew the limitations of the technique as of course they would not do anything like take any sort of risk !! But it was not a major issue and the hulls are still around today (no longer in production but still available 2nd hand). http://www.albinvega.co.uk/ Good boat but not the one above.

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Thanks hope you enjoyed the images of Vega. Always welcome to join us on our blog also. I enjoy the hot topics here and get a lot of good ideas from your gang.