Hiking straps for 1991

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I am a new owner. And I have been replacing a few parts here and there, can somebody share how the rear hiking strap is attached to the underside of the barney post.
Hiking straps

I just ordered a set from Catalina and no install direction were provided, so I'm curious to see what answers you get back.

DiY hiking straps

I made hiking straps fore and aft of 2 inch wide webbing, sewed 2" wide Vencro, one foot long both hook and fur, to the straps which went through the eye slot and velcroed to it's mate on the other side. They were cheap, easy to make, easily adjustable ( just rip open the velcro, readjust and press together again.) and are rugged. Once set the velcro doesn't let go until it is pried apart for readjustment. Any Fabricland will have the web and velcro.
This is also great stuff for use in tying stuff down. Make sail, anchor line , wiring ties of it, even handcuffs if you're so inclined....
I have a stock 1987 model, I just took a picture of the underside of the barney post. I can email the picture to anyone who sends me their email adress. The hikeing strap has 4 holes in it that go over the 4 bolts that hold the post to the base. There are washers and lock washers on the bolts and of course there are nuts on the bolts.
hiking straps

On my boat I do not believe I have original hiking straps, but they're made out of seatbelt material and then covered over in neoprene. Really rugged and comfortable. Instead of attaching to the underside of the barney post, they just bought another triangular hiking strap attachment and put it on one side of the barney post. Even though this isn't a perfectly straight line, the difference is negligable
Here are some pictures, it's my first time uploading them. These are the "before" shots from cleaning my boat so im not sure if they're exactly what you're looking for, but in any case, I'll be out sailing again in about a week so if you want some different photos just let me know.
Hiking straps connection under the barney post

I tried to loosen the nuts under the barney post that hold what is left of the rear hiking strap and realized that like most of the fasteners on my boat they would not let go without a fight. So I removed the barney post. 7 of the 8 screws came out and the 8th required the dremel. While I had it out I snapped a photo because I don't think anyone can get their head in there. The nuts will loosen but not come out. The machine screws they fasten to will start to spin so you have to get to the other side of them. They are under a rubber washer held down by a spring. I found it best to remove everything to get to the screw heads.

Sorry I don't know the names of everything on the barney post as I still haven't started sailing. The pulley and springs had to come out. Just one pin with lock was holding them so it only took a few minutes to do it right. When I started to install the new strap, I poked a hole through the webbing and began running the screw through it. It started a runner that went far down the strap. I cut this section out and made new holes with a soldering iron. Perfect size and quick and easy and prevents any runners. I double folded the strap and tightened everything up. Seems okay for now.


I ordered and fodged my rear hiking strap.... better question...

I ordered and fodged my rear hiking strap.... better question... How do you get the barney off? I removed screws all over it, and it was everything I could do to remove the barney (adhesive).

By the way, THANKS for the pictures of the underside of the barney.
Mine just popped off as you would expect. There was a strip of clear silicone under each foot but it didn't cause it to stick.

My new question is how do you thread it through the rear mount? It still slips loose no matter how I thread it. I think I am missing a bolt or something that will go down through the hole in the front of the transom bracket. I am thinking of using whatever the largest SS machine screw with washers etc. to hold it.
Cool... quick thinking of the soldering iron actually makes perfect sense...

If I don't sell the boat, the I am guessing I will tear apart the barney, and do the rear strap the right way.
Transom bracket for rear hiking strap

I recently removed all three straps for replacement, I found that the previous owner had slipped a short piece of 1/4" wood dowel in the final loop before cinching the strap tight. This 'locked' the strap in. Hope this helps.

Quote I got for replacement straps at Catalina Direct was $89. An Upholstery shop over by my office is able to duplicate my existing hiking straps for $30. Strong but basic 2" webbing with close-cell foam padding and mesh fabric. I made a suggestion along the lines of another forum post that suggested seatbelt material but was talked out of it by the shop owner as "too heavy and will not handle repeated soakings well".
Hiking straps.

I ordered hiking straps from Catalina and they came with 4 - 1/4" (approx) wooden dowels. They were about 1.5 - 2" in length and was told to use them as you described.
Just installed a new rear hiking strap over the weekend. Barney post top came apart relatively easily. Without seeing the prior post here, I too used a soldering iron to make the holes after a drill did a pretty poor job. One observation is that the four holding screws should be a quarter inch longer to compensate for the doubled over strap. Couldn't fit the lock washer on 2 of the four screws (ideally flat washer, lockwasher, nut)
rear hiking strap

I had Catalina Yachts send me a new one. They are custom made but first class.

When I received it I immediately asked them how to attach it!!! It turns out that the attachment has been improved by the addition of a S/S plate with four holes in it. The screws that run from the swivel on top of the barney post come out, throw the nuts away and install the screws directly into that s/s plate. Conveniently there is a nice little eye there that allows you to use one of the triangle things like on the front straps at the barney post. Don't forget to remove the old piece of strap when installing.

Much improved solution, very little disassembly required. Phillips screwdriver and a pair of large pliers was all I needed. I suspect that this is how they do all their newer Capri boats (On the shipping invoice it indicated that this was for the Capri 16.5.) The parts weren't terribly expensive except for the actual hiking straps. All three cost me about $95 or so. The new triangle attachment and the improved attachment point were less than $30.

The part numbers are as follows. Item number 15166 is the hiking strap kit. $86.90 for the set. Item number 16173 hiking strap eye and triangle strap Item number 16037.

You need to order these directly from Catalina Yachts; 818-884-7700 ask for the parts department.

Fair winds and sunny skies,

Stephen Wilson