Hiking Straps Attachment

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Does anyone have a picture of their boat showing how the rear hiking strap attaches to the transom?

My guess is that it is held by the strap holding the lower gudgeon inside the transom....any help would be appreciated.

Ed Jones

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Hiking strap

The "buckle" on the front of the rear hiking strap attaches to the bolt under the barney post. (Mod 3. I think it attaches differently on the older Mods.)
The plate that you see has a 90 degree bend, upwards I think, so from the side it would look kind of like this


The vertical piece lays against the transom. There are two bolts that extend from the inside of the boat, through the plate, then the transom, then a plastic plate and then through the lower gudgeon, where washers and nuts secure the assembly.

It's different on the Model 2. On my 1989, there is a single rear hiking strap that attaches at a point on the centerline of the transom. When I ordered new hiking straps from Catalina, I got four pieces, two that matched my setup in the front, but neither of the other two was quite right for the back. I called them and asked what was up, and they said all they now made was for the current Model 3 set up and I'd have to modify the straps to work in the rear.
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My boat is a model 1. Therefore I have the aforemaentioned bent bracket.

Happily, I found said bracket that the previous owner had removed while rummaging through all of the stuff he gave me with the boat.

I also found the missing hiking straps. So, it's just a matter of bolting everything back on the boat.

Thanks for all of the responses.

According to what Jeff herard from Catalina, The Mod 3's have 2 hiking straps at the rear????

I have a 1996 with Grey cuddy cabin hatch. I thought I had a Mod 3, but I only have one Hiking strap at the rear. Were there different versions of the Mod 3?
Well Ed, now I'm even more confused about why there are four pieces in my new hiking strap set. I'll have to get them back out (I put off installing them until I got more info or feedback), but the lady at Catalina (when I called to see if the correct set had been sent because I didn't need four pieces) said that was it was the right set as the only set now sold was for Model 3's, and I'd just have to modify. Hmmmm. Is the strap from the barney post to the transom in two parts by any chance on newer models? I'm sure I can work something out, but I don't want to make it look stupid or do something that won't function properly.