hiking pants

Rob B

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Mike, I just e-mailed you. Also, I have a pair of SEA 3/4 neoprene hikers with very little use that I'll let go for $ 75.00. These are great for colder water. Size XL.


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The pads do come seperately, that way you can purchase the correct size for your legs. They were doing a bundle a little while back where you got the hikers, the pads and the lycras. I believe the cost saving meant the pads or the lycras were effectively 'free' when buying the bundle.
If you go for the pros you need the hikers and the pads. The lycra shorts are an optional sacrificial layer (they wear out instead of the more expensive hikers) but it is up to you if you wear them or not. I don't have the lycra shorts.

The pads are sold separately so that you can choose the size you want and can get new pads without the expense of new hikers if you wear them out or if you get taller and need bigger pads but your hikers still fit.


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You do but you dont have to but the rooster ones. I only got them because they came with the bundle. After 6 months of hard use on all items they still look brand new.

The thing I really notice is that fact that my legs are:

1) Not bruised to hell after a day of heavy weather

2) Not stiff or aching

So IMO they are worth every penny, there are other similar products out there though so do look round. I would still recommend the Rooster ones because they fit well are very comfy and very warm!
I love my Rooster pros, best investment I ever made in sailing kit. The best thing about them, remove the pads and stick them in a pair of lycra shorts and you have some great lightweight summer hikers as well.
Do they stick in place when you wear your lycra shorts with them?
Just received my SEA 3/4 hikers today in the mail and they fit really nice, nice flexibility at first try.

Think I'll give them a run on Sunday of the wind cooperates.