Hiking Pants

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Hi all.
Recently, my coach has noticed the deck digging into my thigh and lowering my body an inch, and he says I should get a pair of hiking pants. I have zhik powerpads, and I tried them for a while last year, bujt I found they made it harder to hike, not easier. My coach has gill speedskins, most of the guys at my club have SEA, so I don't know what to get, or why my powerpads (version 1) made it harder to hike, not easier. ANy help would be appreciated!

Thanks guys
I was in a similar situation as you about a month ago (had powerpads but no hiking pants) and can safely say that the powerpads do a very good job once mixed with the zhik microfleece 3/4 hikers. They keep the pads in place, and are quite comfortable.