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I think I might be missing something in the logic behind using the daggerboard to minimize the possibility of a capsize.
…you’re catching on, but it’s all been very entertaining. :eek:

Theoretically it should work, but in a very narrow band of wind and water conditions…, not to mention learning the recognition of and practicing the reaction to will likely equal or exceed the effort of just learning Sunfish sailing basics.

The daggerboard is quite small in relation to the size of the boat . . .
Yes, but remember the medium it functions in is quite “dense” by comparison to what the sail operates in.

1) Setting the daggerboard aside, the Sunfish has little built-in resistance to making undesirable leeway—it has some resistance—but given reasonable weather for sailing, not enough to develop a capsizable circumstance.
OK…, next time you are out give it a test. Pull up the board and see what results you get at different wind speeds. I will anxiously await your report on if a capsize moment transition point may or may not exist. ;)

2) "Mousetrap" is simpler, but I propose telemetry: build goggles that can measure—give them wireless capability—and do real-time viewing of the skipper's eyes. :cool:

When the skipper's eyes get very, very, wide, a signal will be sent to a 12-V servo-motor, which—coupled to a worm-drive and a pinion—will rapidly raise the daggerboard. Capsize averted!

In that case, a voice activated system would work as well.
Oh (insert your favorite word here)
Good Idea(s)

I think I will link those reaction sensors to a pair of air bags I’ll embed in the gunwales. :p

... oh, and one in the spar top ... just in case. :rolleyes:



Bravo Wayne, very funny reference to the creative geniuses of Wallace and Grommit. :D.....................Spot ON my good boy !
Wallace and Grommit are two of the very few characters that can make me laugh and smile!

Thanks for the link to their youtube stuff.