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Since i started sailing lasers i found that barefoot was a good option for hiking, but recently in the launch ramp i injured myself really bad on my foot (Some deep cuts), and i decided i needed to buy some boots.
In the last couple of days I've been searching for the best hiking boots, and for the majority of people they say that aigle boots are the best, but recently i discovered that they aren't manufactured anymore, I came here to ask what´s your opinion on the best hiking boots to buy right now, and if someone knows if the rooster pro laced boot is good or not, those ones really caught my eye.
Is it true with a good pair of boots or boot hiking strap combo u can hike out for longer and harder?

Ps: sorry if i had a bad english :D
The Gul CZ Windward boots are really good. They give really good grip on the deck and the toe strap, they are quite warm and really comfortable. I have used them ever since they first came out and they have never worn out. I would really recommend these. I haven't found that any toe straps work any better than others, although having a heavily padded toe strap allows you to hike more easily. I find a wide toe strap useful as I can change my foot position in lighter wind to allow me to hike lightly, a difficult feat unless you enjoy gnawing your toes down under the grab rail. Hope this helps.


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Never, ever launch a boat barefoot. There are many things that can slice your feet open - rocks, trash, oysters shells. It is also a breeding ground for all sorts of nasty bacteria, especially in brackish waters. Friends of mine have gashed their feet open at launch ramps, gotten nasty infections, and amputation was a definite possibility.
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Yup i know it's bad to go barefoot to a ramp but in my club that's fine, i go injured in other ramp.
And my foot is almost cured i didn't get any infection.

Roadie thank you for your feedback i will put the gul boots in my list.
The thing that made me start sailing barefoot was that my old magic marine boots slipped on the hiking strap and i needed to grab myself to it, so i need some boots that are really grippy to the hiking strap.

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The company just stopped making them. They focus on landlubber footwear - agriculture, hunting etc.
I got my aigles in 1992, still in use every weekend !
The lacing rings have long since perished but I wear them as is, they never fall off...luv my aigles. If a pair in my size pop up on flea bay I'm gonna jump on 'em. The bike puncture repair was an emergency fix sometime in the mid nineties ? Out of respect for the patch I leave it. It's a scar to jog the memory just like any other.
Look at the life left in them, respec' to the aigles image.jpg