hiking bench

I have just launched what many are saying is the best hiking bench ever designed. The Hike Pro really simulates sailing due to its unique rocking design. As you hike back it rocks back to mimic flattening your boat. If you relax it rocks back up! It has double mainsheets to work out the arms as you practice and also can be collapsed in 15 seconds for quick storage under a bed of couch after the work out. It has a padded seat to simulate using hiking pads. Current greats such as 2012 Laser North American Champion Chris Barnard, Steve Hunt, multi world and other champion, writer for Sailing World "ask the experts" and coach of the reveered Point Loma High School sailing team and many others are using it.
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From scratch here are some plans

For precut parts that you assemble

You can also search the old email list archives.

The important measurments are to get the deck width the same as the actual deck (16.5") and the relation of the strap to the deck (height and distance in from the deck) IIRC, height is down 5" and in 10"
The link for my modified Tillman hiking bench (modified so that you can fold it and hang it up) is no longer at the link quoted above. The current address is:

The hiking bench in the photos is still going strong; wish the same could be said for the builder. The dark-haired kid in the photos has just started at Oxford Uni. Time flies . . . .