Hi, just got a Super Porpoise

Update on those cockpit drains. I now know why they are in two pieces, sleeved together. There is a lot of flex in the cockpit floor and the movement makes it impossible for the one-piece rigid tubes in my boat to remain sealed at both ends. I'm either going to open it up, cut out the middle of the rigid tubes and put flexible tubing between the cockpit ends and the hull ends, or replicate the tubes-into-the-cups setup, or just live with it and drain the water after every sail. (Most likely).
Wow, this is a great looking boat! I actually am in the process of buying an old super porpoise too. I had a question for you about your boat especially since it's original. The guy that I'm buying the boat from has two sails. I'm not sure which one belongs to the boat as one is much larger than the other. I was wondering what the dimensions of your sail are? I know i could calculate the size of the sail by area but if you could add some insight that would be great! thank you!