Hey Sunfishers

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Eons ago I learned to sail on a Sunfish. I have owned and sailed many boats in many waters since then. I picked up a used Sunfish a week ago that is actually in quite good shape. I've been out in it a few times and it is still as much fun as it always has been. There is a group of seven or eight others to sail with on a
nearby lake, we sort of race, but really are just sailing around.

I have picked up a few pointers here and hope to contribute!
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welcome aboard!
Thanks Tag! The air hole forward under the cockpit lip is a rivet larger than the ones holding the rub rail. It is blocked such that a small drill bit can not be pushed through the tiny hole. shouldn't it be open to equalize pressure?
it sounds like maybe the previous owner plugged the air hole. it should be open, so if you can lightly drill off the rivet head, you can then push the rest of the rivet through and it will fall into the interior of the boat.