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Rob B

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We're at a District event this past weekend and looking at our District Secretaries boat that he bought new from our area dealer last summer. We're looking at the sail that came with the boat, (and he's been sailing with the pat year) and through conversation we discover LP equipped the new 2016 model boat with their NON-CLASS LEGAL PRACTICE SAIL!!!

Brought it to the attention of the dealer and he was mortified. Turns out he'd just delivered a new Sunfish race sail as well and it may not be a class legal sail!

LP is screwing suppliers badly by not paying them. Now the suppliers won't ship even to LP so it appears LP is supplying contraband non-class legal items they are sourcing on their own.

Any lawyers out there reading this? This sounds illegal to me...
I bought my latest boat from LP UK in Feb 17 and everything was fine. It's actually the best package they have ever supplied and I have had loads of new Lasers, my first new Laser was 160888.

The best bit was the tiller. Previously I have always used the flat tiller the supplier can stand on but this boat came with a black diamond tiller. I didn't like it at first because it flexed and hit the traveller cleat. The secret with this tiller is it needs to be firmly in the stock. Wacked it in with a rubber hammer and bought a foil bag so I didn't have to keep taking it apart. The feel is amazing, the boat now tells me when something is wrong.

Even the ropes which came with the boat were good, with previous boats they have always been too short.

And to top is all it was a winter pre season fleet deal offer and the price was brilliant, only £300 more expensive than my 2011 boat.

LP have always given me good service.
That's wonderful Andy. LP has made things miserable in the US. We can't even get daggerboard brakes. A $3.00 part that's back ordered beyond 30 days. I'll keep everyone posted on if/how LP makes this sail issue right....If they do anything at all I'll be shocked.

We need a rich and nicer person to buy the company from the current owner.