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The best thing about Rule 42 is its ability to cause endless posts on any thread where it is mentioned.

Personally, I don't give a particular hoot about how some rule might impact "international level sailing."

I am concerned about how rules impact local groups of hobbyist sailors who are lucky to find a couple hours a week to jump on their racing toys.
You could remove rule 42from the book and few local races would see any difference EXCEPT occasionally some teenage kid would figure out how to pump and rock effectively and he would beat up on the local old farts..Until he bored himself with that activity and took up trying to beat the old farts withour using muscle to accomplish his goal.
OH wait, That was the rule for the first few decades of local small boat sailboat racing.

But. Now we have the Laser in the Olympics and we need to make up rules for the semi pro competitors and then, because we all fantacise about being able to compete, force the rules in to the local game for all of us to live by...even if 95% of us couldn't pump effectively if our lives depended on it.

For all but a very few sailors, Rule 42 barely matters. For almost all of us, rule 42 in over about 12 is irrelevent.

Most of you need to get over yourselves. If pumping were allowed in North America in winds over 12, there are not any more than five of you who could muster enough energy to use the freedom to any significant advantage.

PS: Don't bother naming 6 sailors. My point is there damn sure are not 1000
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1. Take a look at todays sailinganarchy main page and you might see a very good reason why this is important: it is about the image of our sport and class.
2.This is NOT an issue of thinking that we can compete on a similar level as the pros. DREAM ON! The issue is that an olympic class gets a lot of media attention. We are all proud to sail a laser. We hate it when the reputation of the class is at stake!
3a. Let me give you the names of 7 sailors: JUST KIDDING!
3b. The event that started this conversation took place in light winds. I do not see the relevance of this discussion about under vs over 12 knots. It is pretty easy to use illegal moves to your advantage in light conditions. It is not just the college kid who uses these moves at the club level. It is also the frustrated middle aged guy as well as the sneaky old fart...

So: today I disagree with you