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Hi, I need some help. My sunfish is sitting in the garage of my shore house and every year it floods. It was on a dolly but that rusted away. We are trying to move it to my home in Medford. We don't have a trailer nor a hitch. Also the thing in the hull that you unscrew to let the water out has corroded over time. How can I fix that so we can sail again? Does anyone live in NJ that can help bring the sailboat home? Does anyone know of an inexpensive trailer?

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Medford, MA? How big is your vehicle? I car-top my sunfish on my 2005 Subaru Outback, which is not a very big vehicle. That might be a doable option as long as you don't mind driving a little slower and checking the top of your car every once in a while.


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I'd be careful about how much the hull weighs before car topping it.
If it's waterlogged it could easily exceed what is safe, especially with
a high center of gravity vehicle. If you are in a hurry probably best
to drill a hole in the transom and install a drain plug later.