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Thank you for the suggestions !

"With the hole in the cockpit... I have no other suggestions than to fiberglass it. If you wait a little while others might have more creative suggestions that suit your needs better.
Concerning the hole in the hull, though... there wouldn't be any go-arounds to fiberglassing it over."

Hole is on bottom of cockpit tub, which I understand is glued to the hull, so I think it would only be possible to treat as one would do one hole in one panel.

"Are you planning to paint gelcoat or just sail this boat?
If you are going to gelcoat the entire boat, I would just buy everything at once from US Composites."

I am not planning to gelcoat the entire boat. However I would like it to look reasonably nice. I had in mind to fix dings/ cracks/ scratches in the hull using Marine Tex. I am not familiar with it or with any of the materials mentioned. I am inclined to go for epoxy/ fiberglass for fixing the hole.
Oh! Sorry. I misunderstood. I thought you had said you had a hole straight through the deck and out the bottom of the boat from where the bailer was. I was confused about why you had taken out that plugged bailer hole on the bottom as I knew that it was watertight.

So... all you have is one hole in the cockpit tub, right? And you want to use epoxy resin to fiberglass it? That should work well. Keep us posted.

Also, I just remembered that US Composites also offers some West System products as well as some other epoxy-based resins, so there may not be a need to order from West Marine (which sells their own epoxy resin for more than USC does).

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Find a West Systems fiberglass repair kit that has resin, hardener, fiberglass cloth, gloves, sticks etc... to get you going on your first repair, that is the most economical way to start vs buying everything separate. West Marine usually has it or order it today from our Chandlery and you'll be repairing this weekend.

I'd feather the edge of the hole on the outside of the boat so that the epoxy has more surface to grab. Then I'd tape a stiff board with wax paper of plastic over it on the inside of the hull and build up several layers of 6 or 8 oz fiberglass inside the hole. You might choose to put one oversize layer of cloth on the inside of the hull as well, but I don't think it is needed.

Good luck!
Why do you say that? Epoxy resin forms a stronger bond than polyester resin
Sorry for the lack of clarity, this reference was to the Bondo brand kit as I am unsure if all of their automotive products are cross compatible for marine use. My nearest West Marine is an hour away and simply wanted to point out options.
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Thank you for all the suggestions !
I just ordered the West Systems fiberglass repair kit; I hope there is enough material there to do the repair.
I'll post back when I'm done.