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Help with rigging

Just A Mom

The son just brought home a new (to him) boat (thanks Flewelling for selling to us!!!). He is confused by one part of the rigging. He's a pretty experienced Laser sailer and can't figure out the purpose of the blue bungee type cord in the attached pictures.

Thanks, in advance, for any and all help.



i dont see any use other then getting in the way.
i good place for a water bottle is just above the hiking strap eyelets. run a bungee through the two eyelets, around the traveler cleat then tie the ends together. holds bottles perfect and out of the way


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Looking at the traveller: may I suggest a spliced line instead of a line with a bowline knot? Some tillers are very close to the deck and there's a chance the tiller will hit the knot.



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Yeah, that's a bottle attachment. I remember a multiple Masters champion using a fairly similar system. It's supposed to make drinking easier during a race. I´d say the block is on the verge of illegal, though.

I usually have two bottles, connected to one another by elastic that runs through the hiking strap eyes. One contains sports drink and the other plain water.


Just A Mom

Thanks for all your answers. Yes, he's redoing some of the rigging. The boat he already had was very well rigged with upper end race rigging so he's finding the best way between the two boats. But the hull of his other boat is just old and not good. He'll toss the "worst" rigging on the old boat as it's to be sold as a beater cottage boat.


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Ok from what I can see

1. The pulley as mentioned by LaLi is illegal.
2. There is a second line attached to the hiking strap which is illegal
3. The plastic stopper on centreboard is missing and has been replaced with a piece of rope both are illegal
4. I'm happy to be corrected as I can't reference the older rule books at the moment, to see if there has been a rule change or wording change, but those hiking straps used to form a 2nd loop by the way they were stitched, and the second loop was illegal.

Just A Mom

Yes, AlanD, you are correct. This is the boat as he received it yesterday. He plans to re-rig it today to make it class legal. We have an extra daggerboard button. I
The rigging is "off" as this boat was not used for racing the last few years. It was just used for fun.