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Here are a couple of pictures of a boat I aquired yesterday. It has no builders plate. I have a picture of the sail logo. It does have a fiberglass hull, unlike the foam filled plastic of my earlier Jetwind. It needs a rudder mounting block and a ring to mount the sail to the mast. Any info would be helpful, sailing qualities, even another website to check.
Thanks, Ryan


Alan Glos

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This is a mystery. Generically you have a small scow of some sort, and I am guessing you live in or acquired the boat somewhere in the midwest (scow
country.) I note that the boat has a splash rail that is missing, and the mast
apepars to be unstayed as I don't see any chainplates for a bow and side stays. At first I thought you might have a Butterfly, a very common small scow in the midwest, but the Butterfly does have mast stays, the bow is not that shape, the sail logo does not match the Butterfly logo and your boat appears to be larger than a Butterfly.

Questions: What kind of sail rig does it have, lateen sail Ilike the Sunfish), or marconi rig (like a Laser) or sloop rig (mainsail and jib.)?

Alan Glos
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Thanks for the reply,. I should have given more info. It has a lateen rig. The mast is unstayed, but so was my Jetwind. The length of the deck is 11'. This boat has a daggerboard, so I don't think it is a true scow, but the hull shape is definatly scow like. I have made a new splash rail from 3/4 birch ply, and will fiberglass it in this week. The hull needs some minor patching along the bottom, about a 8" crack along the mold line. You are right about the Midwest, I am in Kansas City. The best thing aobut this boat will be, after the repairs, I'll still have under $20 invested. I hope to sail it this weekend, if I can get a couple of hours each night on it. The front corner of the sail has some tears. I bought some ripstop nylon to repair it, but my sewing skills are very limited, so we'll see how that goes.

Thanks for the reply.
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Here is a picture of my mystery sunfish like boat. If anyone has any idea, I sure would like to hear something. I would like to register this boat, but I don't know if they will if it has no type, serial # ect.
Thanks, Ryan

By the way, it sails great. I got about 3 hours in on Friday evening.