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Help with Centerboard Downhaul Attachment ...

I need some help with the centerboard downhaul attachment for my 2006 14.2. I've recently gotten this boat and there was no CB downhaul attached (or in with the rigging). I've rigged up a temporary shock cord that's tied to the CB and the mainsheet trunk. This appears to be working but I'd rather replace the parts so it's working correctly. Reading a few threads about this, it appears it's supposed to attach via shock cord to the CB and then back to the stern to an eye. I've found the Shock Cord part (#J8084) on Catalina Direct. But my issue is that the eye on my stern appears to be broken off. Haven't been able to find that part on CD. Does anyone know where I can get this part? If not, can anyone provide the eye dimensions (ring size & length) so I can try to find something I can replace mine with? Appreciate any help anyone can offer.



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Mine's not very complicated. I'll try to remember to look closely at it tonight, but I think it's just a brass eye barely big enough to fit the brass clasp through. I don't think it's thru bolted-- at least not all the way through the transom-- but I'll try to check that too.

My boat is a mod 1.

Can you tell what's inside that hole you have there?
Thanks. Mine is a Mod 3 (2006). The eye is thru-bolted on mine. There is a nut and what remains of the bolt on the outside of the stern.

I did talk with Catalina Direct tech support today and they said they have discontinued using the eyebolt on newer models. The newer rear hiking strap connection tang on the inside of the stern now has a hole in it where the hook at the end of the CB downhaul shock cord just connects. I'm checking to see if my hiking strap tang has that hole. If not, I may just drill a hole there and forego trying to replace my broken eyebolt. That's the recommendation of Catalina Direct since they don't stock the eyebolt any longer.


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I checked this morning. Mine looks exactly like caprintx's. It is through-bolted. Looks like the eye is ~3/16" thick. Using your hiking strap bracket sounds like a better idea.
Thanks for all the replies. I checked my hiking strap bracket and it does have the hole on the front edge. So I ordered a new CB downhaul shock cord from Catalina Direct and will just connect it between the CB and that hole in the bracket. That should get everthing back to normal and I think it should work fine.