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help with boat picture


I think it might be a gaff rigged schooner. I have no idea about which boat it is designwise or namewise although it certainly is a beautiful boat. Perhaps it is a genetically modified Sunfish.

Alan Glos

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I think it is a little too 'yachty' to be a Grand Banks fishing schooner (like the famous Bluenoese that appears on a Canadian coin) but it is a two masted schooner with eveything flying, full main and mizzen, jack yard topsail, all the jibs, outer and inner and a reaching
sail between the two masts. It may well be a 1930s vintage America's Cup hull converted to schooner rig. A very handsome beast whoever she may be. The folks at the Mystic Boat Museum in Mystic, Conn. could probably tell you who she is at a glance.

Alan Glos