Help! Where to find correct gel coat?

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I recently got a small ding in the bow of my laser. I recently bought it new to me in great shape minus a few gel coat scratches on the stern. At a windy regatta recently i bumped into someone with my bow an chipped the gelcoat.

I have a someone willing/able/knowledgable ready to help me fix this but i need the correct color. Any suggestions? HELP

The boat is hull #1960** number and was a 2010 worlds charter boat if that helps identify color.

Laser Performance uses a shade of grey that they do not release. So you have to get white gelcoat and add black pigment until you best match the color. It's difficult but you can do it if you take your time.
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Does anyone know where to get the original green gelcoat? My boat is from the early 2000s. It is the dark, forest green.
I'd like to get the correct white as well.