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Help w part replacement

Ed Kuh

New Member
I have a fatso tiller extension and bought a replacement joint as the current one almost cracked in 1/2. I bought the exact replacement piece, but had to drill out the core of the old piece to pull it out. Now I can’t get the new piece in! So far I tried liquid soap and a rubber mallet. Then I used some heat on the rubber piece, but still no luck. Worried about heating fiberglass. Ideas???


Well maybe use a small round file to enlarge hole in tiller extension to allow the replacement joint to fit then, use glue on your replacement joint on final assembly eg Arildite.
Or you could file the diameter of the replacement joint smaller as to fit the hole in tiller extension.
I would then drill a small hole thru the tiller extension and joint at 90 degrees and add a small stainless steel screw as to make it secure.
That's my idea.