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Help us before my husband throws our Mercury outboard in the water!


Adventures of Husband and Wife Liveaboards
We have a 2003 Mercury 15hp outboard motor on our dinghy (which we purchased with our Beneteau sailboat) and it shuts down (or off) when under a heavy load.

He had a mechanic rebuild/service the carburetor ($300) and still have the same problem.

Since then he has tried:
-Changing the fuel tank and hoses (helped it to work for a while and then went back to the same problem)
-Changed the fuel in the tank
-Changed the gaskets and fuel filter
-Changed the spark plugs.

Does anyone have any helpful suggestions so that he doesn't end up throwing it in the canal? My sunny side can only get us so far!
Please send help! (Or a new motor if you have one!)
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