Help on selling mint cond. wooden sunfish

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Hello , I am new here and used to be a big sunfish fan , racing (my 1990 fiberglass boat)and restoring (my late 50s wooden kit boat ). Though many years have past since those days and I have since found other hobbies and interest .Anyhow I am here to see if this would be a good place to start to find a person who has a deep passion for the sunfish in particular a vintage late 50s wooden kit boat . I had restored one in the late 80s back to almost perfect condition. It has all the original bronze hardware and mohagony refinished to look brand new. I even have the original white cotton sail that has never been used.Was still in its original packaging till I took it out to rig it to the mast and boom to display it at the Atlanta boat show .A club I belonged to back then " The Atlanta Wooden Boat Association " had a designated area at the show.I have some photos of it at the show I will try to post soon. The boat has sat on custom made stands in my basement since the show and has never seen water.I want to find a serious buyer for it . So if you might be interested or know some one who might please contact me. It also comes with a copy of the original kit instruction manuel .I tried to research on the internet to find one of this age in this condition or even half the condition and only found one that was on display in a boat dealer store some where up north. So it appears to be very rare.Thanks for reading , John.
There was just another wood Sunfish getting restored about a week ago. The conversation surrounding it is in Sunfish Talk. You could also check at the Sunfish Sailors group. ( ) I’ve seen a wood boat section there and pictures of some that are regularly sailed. They also have the kit instructions posted and blue prints for a Sailfish that looks like it came before the kits. I think I saw some 50s-something sales literature in there too. Here's one in Texas, but with a new sail ( ). All these might help you place yours. You might check with the Sunfish Class and see if they would be interested or a boat museum around the boat’s birthplace, maybe even the latest producer – something for their lobby.
I think from your description of this boat that it would be better in a museum or some collectors showroom. If you can't find a buyer you could donate it to a museum and then deduct that from your taxes. Most posts on this forum are for cheaper boats and folks just getting started. Have you contacted the current manufactures of Sunfish now? Or maybe a big yacht broker? At the local Ford dealership is a restored Ford Model A sitting in the showroom as an example of what type of buyer would want your boat.
You might generate interest by posting pictures.
Pictures would be a BIG plus

I'm very interested but unfortunately it is far out of my price range, good luck!
What asking price did you arrive at?
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Thanks everybody for your input. Here are some photos of the boat for sale. These were taken right after I finished the restoration ,at a boat show that I had it on display at . It has been in my basement on stands with a cover over it since. It has never been in the water since the restoration.Considering all my hours and sweat and money into the best finishing products I could find at that time , and the rare condition and originality of the boat. I would like to ask at least $3,000.00 or best offer above that. Again, thank you for your replies.


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I finally got time to take some current photos of this boat , and also wanted to correct the year stated in original post . The boat was built in 1960. and I am taking the best offer above $2,500.00 .The box shown is the original which the cotton sail came in( has postage stamp on it of .17 cents ) and the original sail is carefully wrapped around the spars and stored in a spar bag hanging up in the basement. Also you see some pics of extra parts and some that need to be put back on such as the plastic rub rails and the automatic bailer and the aluminum piece that protects the front nose and keel. Also a copy of the original assembly instructions that came with the kit .


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