HELP!! Need information

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Hello,,I just purchased a 1976 bicentenial edition SUNFISH sailboat. ..I am the third owner..boat is in pristine condition including the sail.
ANYWAY..the guy I bought from never recieved a registration for the trailer.he kept it at his summer home and did not trailer it.
Well I need to trailer it back and I do need to register it in PA.
I have the ########,s off the boat and the VIN ###### 's off the sterling brand trailer...
QUESTION is..can I track down the 1st owner through any records anywhere?
I am at wits end ,,!!! and the state is no help..:(
so..any info would be helpful!
If you are registering the trailer for the first time you may simply need a bill of sale. Standard 'Bill of Sale' forms can often be obtained from the Motor Vehical Dept. You will need to fill out the basic information about the trailer including the VIN number. From there you simply register the trailer. You may need to get the trailer inspected but most DMV offer this service either on location or by appointment. By the way - well sell a wonderful Red, White & Blue Sunfish sail for $140 if you are in need of a new sail.
You should be able to register it as a "home-made trailer". You then won't need a bill of sale or prior registriation or title. I have done this in both MA and RI, with no problem.